My name is cayce.


I grew up in Santa Cruz, CA which gave me a love for sunshine and saltwater. A lover of all shades of blue, but baby blue or aqua are my favorites. I admire the rows of apple trees I see planted along the roads I drive everyday and believe in working hands.

I spent my childhood days riding bikes in the field with my neighbor, climbing trees and having picnics with my German Shepherd. I also painted for hours with a paintbrush and water on concrete and wrote stories about my beloved orange cat Clifford, who had magical powers. When asked what I wanted to be when I was a little girl, I would’ve told you a vet and a picture book maker. When I was asked in college what I wanted to be it was no longer a vet, but still a picture book maker. And now, I am a picture book maker. An artist. A teacher. A wife. A mom of 3.


In 2004, I opened Blue Apple Studios, an art house for kids. I’ve had the joy of working with children and families of all ages. I opened it because I wanted a studio like this when I was a little girl. A place where I could get lost in a world of color. 

The name of Blue Apple Studios came about while I was in college thinking about my grandmother and how much she loved the color blue. She was married to an apple grower and used to tell stories about how she was going to grow her very own blue apple tree someday. Although she has not lived long enough to see the studio, I am confident she would be very pleased with the "tree" we have planted in this community.


It’s simple. I love nature, animals, travel and color. I love my people, honest conversation, real food and a great cup of tea. I believe in tattered books, messy hair, and holding on to summer as long as I can. My favorite moments are usually laughable moments. At the center of all of these things I love, I see God. I love watching my kids create, and problem solve and I believe changing the world for the better is about adding up all the small stuff to make up big stuff. Working with small people and watching them grow into big people is a great privilege. It’s a life teeming with wonder, stories, dirt, tears, and grateful moments.